Who is Connecting Your Vision? and Why are you receiving this Letter? 

Connecting Your Vision is a Full-Service Ministry – Preaching and Administration

God has given our ministry the ability to intertwine God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and Business Principles together to aid His churches in this ever-changing society. For the past 23 years, Our Ministry has successfully helped, advised, administered, and preached in over 60+ churches Big & Small. We have a team of individuals with various gifts, talents, and abilities in all areas of the Ministry and Business. Our CEO and Senior Pastor/Evangelist Randy Hooper, was a successful Godly businessman, in many business arenas – coal, real estate, energy, software, computers, finances, and after 28 years in successful businesses God called him into full-time ministry. God told him he wanted him to go into His churches to bring accountability and infrastructure without compromising the move of God. God also gave him the ministry name Connecting Your Vision, we use our God-given talents in multiple business areas to connect the senior pastor’s vision with infrastructure, accountability, tools, and our experience.


The purpose of this letter is, God has recently placed on our hearts to help churches find better and more fitted Commercial Loans for their ministries. The Financial Institutions have been taking advantage of churches too long when it comes to obtaining Church Loans. We have worked with, advised and helped set up a structure in many churches big and small and over the years we have seen how churches have been put in unjust loan situations due to the guidance of a person or financial organization looking out for their own best interest and not the church’s best interest.  We at Connecting Your Vision lookout for the church’s best interest. We know what it takes to obtain the best loan for your ministry, we know what lenders are looking for and we know how to put this together!  


We have the expertise within Connecting Your Vision to take the loan amount your ministry is looking for and obtain a loan fit for your ministry. We do not take your church financials and shop them to find a loan for you, exposing your ministry’s financials to every lender, instead before acquiring a loan we do our homework by finding out your: 1. Loan to Value. 2. Service Debt (Debt Ratio) 3. Liquidity, with this information we will know what financial institution will be the best fit for you and where to place your loan. Our Godly goal is to find the best deal for your ministry, not for us or the financial institutions but for God’s Churches. 

Contact us at randyhooper@connectingyourvision.com or titomedina@connectingyourviion.com 

Call our Ministry Number at 386-214-5128

Pastor Randy Hooper

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